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Who Am I?

A photography geek who started out in videography.  After years of video work, I decided to pursue my passion -- photography.  I began by photographing everything - weddings, landscapes, travel, etc - and eventually found my love of portraiture.

Photography as an Art form

They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.  I say beauty is wherever you point your camera - and portraiture is art.  No two people have the same canvas and that's what makes photography fascinating!

Photography is a Timeless Medium

Today's cameras are high-tech marvels.  They can do things previously unthought of.  We have massive file sizes; cameras that shoot well in low-light; and shutter speeds that are so fast there's no black out between shots.  

But with all the technological advances, photography is still 90% mental and 10% gear.  The art of composition coupled with the ability to master lighting will always trump technology.  If you can think it, compose it, and light it - you can capture it.  it's that 'wonder' factor that keeps photography fresh!

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